New B-BBEE codes and your business


B-BBEE verification

Love it or hate it, the transformation train is coming and we suggest you get on board.

Most small to medium businesses are intimidated by these five letters, and the common misguided perception is that you will have to give away 50% of your hard earned (blood, sweat and tears) business to some undeserving black entity that will just sit around drinking coffee whilst demanding a chunky salary.

Thankfully this is an urban myth, firstly the level you require is very dependent upon who you intend to work for and secondly there are plenty of coloured and black entrepreneurs who can both buy in and bring value to your business.

What we suggest is that you stop second guessing your situation and contact the Tradecheck B-BBEE specialists who will not only offer you a healthy 15% discount on their services, but  they will simplify and clearly explain what you need to do and why you need to do it.

Believe us when we say we only understood what was required for the first time ever when our Tradecheck verification partners arrived to simply break down what we needed to do.

B-BBEE is currently only necessary when you are trading in the commercial retail or insurance sector, but our advice is to stay ahead of the curve and mail them for an informal fact finding meeting today.