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Since the smartphone revolution of 2010 when connectivity to the net exploded more and more customers are searching online for a multitude of goods and services. It is estimated that almost 50% of business in the home improvement sector is located via an initial search on the web.

This is one instance where ‘being old school is actually, being a fool’ as a sixties child myself I know how we can be stuck in our ways.

If you do not already have a website, there can only be two reasons, affordability or you are technically shy, either way we have solved both of these problems for you.

We truly have made owning and managing a website simpler and cheaper than ever before, so no excuses.

Just having a website with a simple who you are, what you do, your mission statement i.e. words of integrity and a simple request a quote, and I will call you back form adds huge credibility to your operation.

That’s not the only change that will increase your businesses credibility,  once you have a domain name i.e. www.davespaving.co.za  (cost R89.00 per year) we will set up and provide you with up to five email addresses so instead of dodgydave@gmail.com you will be able to provide (for example) info@davespaving.co.za another credibility step in the right direction.

If you already have a site, you are welcome to move the hosting across to us, check out how much you will save per annum.

And if you really want to keep it really simple and just require the email address without the website, we can even accommodate you here with a really insignificant monthly fee.

Local (.co.za) domain name availability can be checked out here http://co.za/whois.shtml just enter the name you would like and check if it’s available.


See pricing below

Check out what you get for your money – these are crazy prices – crazy good that is!


Option a) No website presence and are currently using a gmail address for your emails.

You can have a site developed for a once off set up fee of R150 plus your domain name purchase of R89 which is an annual charge and monthly hosting at R59 per month – that is simply crazy pricing, if you can even come close to this deal we want to know how!

Option b) You don’t want a site but would like to lose the dodgy gmail address.

You buy the domain at R89 and pay R29 per month for 5 email addresses i.e. dave@davespaving.co.za  – it’s for nothing!

Option c) You have a site but are being charged R120 or R150 per month for hosting and would like to save money.

If you’re paying R150 or up you will save over R1, 000 in the first year or four really nice bottles of whiskey for your favourite clients.

These prices are once again exclusive to Tradecheck members; once you recognise all the options available to members you would simply be crazy not to join.

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