Get a 2 Yr warranty with your Home



The introduction of the Home warranty from Hollard is a huge step in the right direction for the South African property sector.

Firstly it almost totally eliminates the uncertainty of non-disclosed or latent defects which can shatter the utopia of the purchase

And secondly it gives the seller a clear advantage when competing with a home sale that does not have a warranty protecting the buyer.

As they quite rightly state in the advertising campaign, it won’t be long before all houses are sold with the protection of a Home Warranty.

The warranty itself is not a gimmick insurance product, the inspection and comprehensive report format is provided by professionally trained inspectors and each property is evaluated on its own merit.

In most instances Hollard will provide an option to utilise their approved repairers in instances where exclusions have been identified.

In a market place where recent and periodically predicted interest hikes will certainly create a slowing effect, now is the perfect time for sellers to embrace a product that will definitely provide them with an unprecedented selling advantage.

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