Effective Marketing Leaflets



Every shy is a coconut,

Ok that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but this is a method that some colleagues and I named the ‘10 around plan’ back in 1981.

Even back in those days, if you were targeting the domestic sector, leaflets had already lost their flavour and something unique was required to gain the clients attention.

What we decided to do was once we had each project underway, we would request the client’s permission to utilise their name and number as a reference on the leaflet that we intended to deliver to the houses in the immediate vicinity. Although we called it 10 around, six houses opposite and two either side, we subtlety increased this to about twenty leaflets.

This method gained us another job about every second job we performed, the secret being in the content and format.

As per the example below, we not only included the name of the client and the address that we were working at, but we used handwriting to personalise it wherever applicable. A blue pen stands out against the black print nicely.

People just cannot resist reading the handwriting, especially if a neighbours name and what they are up to included.

This leaflet sets itself apart from all the other rubbish in the mailbox and produces results without costing an arm and leg.

It’s easy to set up on your own office or home printer.  See below example

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Simon Rosamond

Ceo 1Call Group