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Many of you will already have experienced the sheer frustration, inconvenience; adverse effect to your business and direct cost that losing a vehicle causes.

It’s not just the vehicle, it’s the tools, the paperwork maybe even your laptop and heaven forbid, your wallet credit cards licence and ID.

Finding suitable partners for the vehicle tracking provision has been no easy feat, as there is a host of companies and products available, all boasting great stats and the best systems. After months of investigation and negotiation we are delighted to announce we have finally partnered with two companies (three products) that we believe have the small fleet business owner in mind.

They have both also come to the party with phenomenal discounts, because they are prepared to consider the Tradecheck members as part of one large fleet, although individual attention is obviously required.

Tracking Tag

A tagging device that is battery operated so it does not need to be connected to a vehicles loom and can in fact be concealed in laptops generators or anything you hold dear. It is also not GPS based so it cannot easily be blocked like its competitors. This is a recovery tag only, without fleet management option


At the unbelievable price of only R79.00 + VAT pm (36 month contract)     There are NO upfront or installation costs

Mobile Master

The Mobile Master offers a live tracking update every sixty seconds with access to twelve months of historical data. The operator can program up to 150 no go zones and can receive notification via the Android app or sms (bundles available). You will receive up to five reports per month custom tailored to your businesses individual requirement. The system can also integrate with Google Maps.


All these features for an unbeatable R145.00 per month (36 month contract)

There is a minimal upfront activation / installation cost of R350.00 + vat

Tracetec Fleet

There fleet management option is also extremely well discounted and has all the classic facilities to keep a beady eye on what are most likely the most expensive assets of your business.

Real time GPS, current location updated every 60 sec’s, user friendly software, street map or satellite viewing, daily reporting of routes , speeds and distances. Historical data stored for two years, driver behaviour, speeding, breaking etc. integrates with Google Earth, onsite or fitment centre installation.


Outright purchase at R2, 400.00 (including fitment) – R98.00 pm (no contract)

No upfront or installation costs – R185.00 pm (36 month contract)


Due to the high costs of the equipment / hardware, it is the industry standard to base monthly terms on a 36 month contract in doing so keeping these extremely useful business tools truly affordable.

Please mail us at to find out how to place your order.

True story

One of our contractors actually tells a story of a client who insisted that he did not pitch to up on time. When he downloaded the log, zipped it and emailed it to the client irrevocably proving he was there on time and had waited for more than half an hour. Well enough said that was the last time the client tried to throw the blame in the contractor’s direction – what a pleasure.

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